• Technical description of product and intended use 

  • Specification of the intended use in

accordance with the applicable EAD 

  • Performance of the product and references to the methods used for its assessment 

  • Mechanical resistance and stability 

  • General aspects related to the intended use of the product 

  • Technical details necessary for the implementation of the AVCP system, as foreseen in the applicable EAD 

Washer-head screw 

Magnus Wood Beam Connector
BRUTUS Thread Rod European Technical Approvals
Reinforcement of Arched Glu-lam Beams
Eurotec Structural Wood Screw European Technical Approvals
KonstruX Fully Threaded Screw
PediX Post Feet Adjustable Post Support European Technical Approvals

Click individual pictures for approved technical approvals  below.

Sometimes glu-lam beams will suffer de-lamination and we have the perfect repair solution. Use our Konstrux Full thread structural wood screws to reinforce.

Konstrux full thread structural wood screw
Atlas Wood Connector European Technical Approvals

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