• Technical description of product and intended use 

  • Specification of the intended use in

accordance with the applicable EAD 

  • Performance of the product and references to the methods used for its assessment 

  • Mechanical resistance and stability 

  • General aspects related to the intended use of the product 

  • Technical details necessary for the implementation of the AVCP system, as foreseen in the applicable EAD 
BRUTUS Thread Rod European Technical Approvals
Reinforcement of Arched Glu-lam Beams
KonstruX Fully Threaded Screw
PediX Post Feet Adjustable Post Support European Technical Approvals

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Sometimes glu-lam beams will suffer de-lamination and we have the perfect repair solution. Use our Konstrux Full thread structural wood screws to reinforce.

Konstrux full thread structural wood screw
Atlas Wood Connector European Technical Approvals

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EuroTec® Wood Screws Technical Information

Washer-head screw 

Magnus Wood Beam Connector
Eurotec Structural Wood Screw European Technical Approvals